Camp Hi-Lite

This was built sometime in the 1930s, and was located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Route 66 and Route U. There were at least two different owners, including Bill "Shep" and Stella Shephard, and John "Bundy" and Nettie Rutherford, who purchased it around 1943. It included a gas station and tavern in one building with cabins in the rear area. The gas station/tavern burned around 1950, and was rebuilt. It burned again in 1952, and was rebuilt as a restaurant with a tavern and dance hall in the lower portion.

Many different people operated the gas station, tavern and restaurant such as Jim Hughes, Clarence Hofstetter, Eddie Roso, Gene Skaggs, Ralph and Pearl Purcell, Bill Schnelt, Melvin Engelmeier, Urban and Frank Kuentz, Gordon Shaffer, and Ray Cuneo. Camp Hi-Lite was demolished around 1966 to make way for the new westbound lanes of I-44 and the north outer road.

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