This is an unspecified event held for the Bunion Derby cross-country runners, April, 1928.

Seated, left to right: Dave Gentilini, Giusto Umek (Italian runner), Rose Piazza, Katie Ramori, Victoria Zulpo, Lida Piazza, Bridget & Maggie (Fr. Faris' housekeepers), Martha Piazza, unknown (runner or crew), Anna Cardetti, unknown (with glasses), Mary Cardetti, unknown child.

Standing, left to right: Sam and Julia Ederati, Glenn Piazza, Jack Guidicini, #5-8 unknown, Sam Gherardini, Louis Quaranta, Joseph "Little Joe" Piazza, Ned Gentilini, unknown (with glasses), Carl Piazza, John Gentilini, Joe A. Piazza, Tony Piazza, unknown boy, R.M. Cardetti (behind boy), Ernest Piazza, Hector Ramori, Sr.