This area is in the western part of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy where most of Rosati's Sunnyside settlers were from.

The area shown here is only four and one-half by three and one-half miles, which is very similar in size to the area they settled around Rosati. Take note of the areas and roads (known as contradas) with names such as Prebianca, Zulpo, Piazza, Spanevello, Ceola, Frizzi (a.k.a. Frizzo), Bruni, Caneva, Pozzera, Zini, Penzi (a.k.a. Penzo), Benetti, Marchi, Casarotti (a.k.a. Casarotto), Pianalto, Alpe and Facchini. All of these are surnames of Rosati settlers or their ancestors.